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LS Eco Energy supplies high voltage cables to Denmark 2024-04-11

Photograph 1) Panoramic view of LS Eco Energy’s production plant in Vietnam

Photograph 2) LS Eco Energy CI

■ For underground power grids connected to North Sea offshore wind farm
■ Started exporting to Denmark in 2017, now ranks first in high voltage cable market along with LS Cable & System
■ With exports accounting for 30% of sales, improving profitability by expanding exports of high-value, high-voltage cables

LS Eco Energy (CEO Lee Sang-ho) announced on the 11th that the company has supplied high-voltage cables to Denmark.
The 220 kV underground cables, worth $13 million (approximately 17.6 billion won), will be used to build an inland power grid connecting the Thor Offshore Wind Farm in the North Sea.
LS Eco Energy, which started exporting cables to Denmark in 2017, has established itself as the number one player in the Danish high-voltage cable market along with LS Cable & System.
The company sees this as recognition of its technology for high voltage cables in Europe, which may be called the home of cables.
LS Eco Energy was established by LS Cable & System in 1996 for the purpose of entering the domestic market in Vietnam. It has now established itself as a major export company of Vietnam, with exports to Europe and North America accounting for 30% of sales.
“Demand for electric wires is rapidly increasing worldwide due to the construction of offshore wind farms, replacement of old power grids, and construction of data centers,” said Lee Sang-ho, CEO of LS Eco Energy. “We will improve profitability by expanding exports of high-value, high-voltage cables.”
The 1 GW Thor offshore wind farm, Denmark's largest, will be built 22 km from a North Sea port, and is scheduled to be completed in 2027 and to supply electricity to about one million households.