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Jang Young-sil Award

Jang Young-sil Award
Data Name of Products
2022 LSCC (Low-Sag Composite-core Conductor)
2010 Eco-friendly heat-resistant cables for automobiles
2009 European-type wind power cables
2008 Compact-type bus ducts
2008 Overhead power transmission line
2007 cable for minimal loss, high-caliber and highly foamed
2006 Air Blown Fiber (ABF) for FTTx
2003 Multimode optical fibers for Gbps transmission
2002 Loose Tube OPGW
2000 Hi-Safe (TM) type P Marine Cable
1999 ‘ANISOCAT’, film-type ACF cables
1999 155 Mbps optical Tx/Rx module
1995 Overhead power transmission line (STACIR) made of super aluminum alloy conductors
1995 Highly functional heat shrinkable tubes
1993 Ortholloy (Hyper-elasticity shape-memory alloy)

Certification of Green Technology

Certification of Green Technology
Certification No. Class No. Acquisition Date Technology Product Name Certification Period
GT-11-00210 T010302 Sept. 23rd. 2011 Status assessment and monitoring system technology for wind power turbines Sept. 23rd. 2011~Sept. 22nd. 2013


Verification Code Data Name of Products
1297 December. 16th. 2020 Technology for Manufacturing (Shareable) Recyclable Soft Polypropylene for High-voltage Power Cable Insulation
0253 Aug. 26th. 2008 Micro coaxial cable production technology, utilizing fluoride resin supercritical microcellular foaming technology
0085 April. 27th. 2007 Technology to design and manufacture 복합체 a strong member for overhead transmission li
0071 December. 8th. 2006 Technology for eco-friendly PP insulated cable
1772 Dec. 8th. 2005 Manufacture of heat-resistant aluminum alloys for high-capacity power-transmission lines
1742 Dec. 8th. 2005 Manufacture of UTP for transmitting 10 Gbps using helical spacing technology
1633 Dec. 10th. 2004 Glossy copper production technology for 8𝜇𝑚 bi-faced low-light-level storage-battery cathode collector
1575 Sept. 15th. 2004 Manufacture of low water peak fibers using SD-MCVD
1363 Dec. 3rd. 2002 Production technology for overcurrent circuit PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient)
1191 Dec. 3rd. 2002 Production technology for elastomer tape for semi-conductor CSP
1130 Sept. 12th. 2001 Processing of high-strength 6000 layer Mn-added aluminum for compression
1091 Sept. 12th. 2001 Manufacture of optical fibers for optical attenuators using hetero doping for WDM
0957 Dec. 14th. 2000 Manufacture of single-type free-mold pull boxes of 170 kV
0910 Sept. 6th. 2000 Insulation of XLPE, 154 kV (17 mm) insulating cable
0874 June. 15th. 2000 Corrosion-resisting and light-weight technology for drainage submerged pumps
0602 April. 7th. 1999 Manufacture of high polymer insulators for power transmission
0656 April. 7th. 1999 Manufacture of reflection-type CLC-type high bright polarized light films for LCD
0573 Sept. 16th. 1998 Anisotropic electrical conductive adhesive-film production technology
0568 Sept. 16th. 1998 Manufacture of highly functional rubber tiles
0475 May. 7th. 1998 Manufacture of long haul 155 Mbps optical Tx/Rx modules
0395 Nov. 20th. 1997 Manufacture of coaxial cables for power feeding of RF signals at BTSs
0278 Nov. 7th. 1996 Manufacture of high polymer insulators for subways
0279 Nov. 7th. 1996 Manufacture of copper alloy cables made with magnesium and tin
0100 Nov. 16th. 1995 Automated manufacture of high-polymer heating cables
0059 May. 23rd. 1995 Manufacture of highly functional heat shrinkable tubes for industries
0060 May. 23rd. 1995 Manufacture of highly heat-resistant aluminum alloy cable materials
0007 Nov. 29th. 1994 Manufacture of class 1E cables for atomic power plants
94-10 April. 29th. 1994 Production technology for material reinforcement multi-floor complex type heat-shrinkage sleeves
94-11 April. 29th. 1994 Manufacture of high-voltage lead cables for electron beam irradiation cross-linking machines
94-12 April. 29th. 1994 Casting of small-caliber aluminum alloy tubes for VTR head drums