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LS Cable & System to host ‘4th Open R&D’ to secure future growth engines 2024-02-26

Photograph) Poster for the 2024 LS Cable & System Technology Contest

■ To dominate future markets through Open R&D with universities and research institutes
■ To secure carbon neutrality and digital conversion source technology and to advance business
■ Recycling, next-generation submarine cables, permanent magnets, AI application fields, etc.

LS Cable & System announced on the 26th that it will hold the ‘4th Open R&D’ to secure future growth engines.
‘Open R&D’ is a method of establishing cooperative relationships with leading universities and research institutes in Korea in order to secure source technologies that can be applied directly to core projects in a short period of time.
LS Cable & System plans to develop cable material recycling technology to achieve carbon neutrality through Open R&D, as well as digital conversion technology that can be applied to the product development and production processes.
“As a global top-tier company, our goal is to secure source technologies that will dominate the future market through R&D,” said the company. “We will create new growth engines by preemptively responding to changes in the industrial environment, such as carbon neutrality and the digital transformation.”
The main areas of Open R&D include ▲ aluminum recycling for overhead transmission lines, ▲ fault diagnosis using big data and AI, ▲ virtual product development (VPD), and ▲ next-generation smart grid performance evaluations.
The company is also discovering technologies to advance its submarine cable project. Next-generation products include ▲dynamic cable performance diagnosis for floating offshore wind power, and ▲automation of offshore cable burial. 
LS Cable & System will also secure ▲ high-performance neodymium (Nd) permanent magnet manufacturing technology in order to support the ‘rare earth permanent magnet value chain’ project that is being promoted by the company as a new business with affiliates.
The application period is from February 26 to March 15. You can apply for Open R&D through the LS Cable & System website (openlabs.lscns.com).