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LS Cable & System founds art troupe for disabled 2023-12-21

Photograph) A scene of members giving a commemorative performance at the founding ceremony of the disabled art troupe for LS Cable & System held at LS Tower in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do, on the 20th

■ Founding ceremony held at LS Tower on the 20th to foster ‘professional artists’
■ Will support economic/social independence and contribute to improving social awareness

LS Cable & System announced on the 21st that it had founded an art troupe for the disabled.

The purpose of the troupe is to help disabled people achieve economic and social independence and improve social awareness.

About 150 people, including LS Cable & System executives and officials from the Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled, attended the founding event held at LS Tower in Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do. On the 20th.

LS Cable & System plans to hire 10 people with developmental disabilities as employees to support artistic activities and provide opportunities for growth.

Starting with a concert to commemorate the founding on the 20th, performances such as orchestral music and ‘Samulnori’ will be held, mainly in the workplaces of LS Cable & System.
An official from LS Cable & System said, “Founding an art troupe is meaningful in that it goes one step further than providing a workplace for the disabled and gives them opportunities to grow as ‘professional artists.’”

Starting with the founding of the art troupe, the company plans to continue its efforts to create a community culture of sharing and communication through ongoing activities to improve awareness of people with disabilities within the company.