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Talent Management

HR Devlopment

  • Investment for
    talent development
  • Global leader
  • Based on
    capability models
  • Driving force
    of future growth
Mid-to-long-term training

We support various degree courses and mid-to-long term training to foster future leaders.

  • Full support for special graduate school expenses
  • Helsinki MBA (Formal degree course)
  • Overseas training (Participation in overseas conferences, seminars)
  • Techno MBA to foster R&D talent
  • Strategic Management Academy to enhance planning capabilities
Internationalization training

LS Cable & System aims at enhancing leadership skills and fostering global leaders. In order to achieve this, we conduct required courses according to position as well as a wide range of global training programs.

  • Required courses for promotion
  • Intense training for new employees
  • Leadership capability model
  • Capability development programs for executives
  • Onsite leadership training
  • Mid-to-long-term training camp for foreign languages
    • - English: GBC, EBC
    • - Chinese: Onsite Chinese Intensive Course (5 months)
  • Support 100,000 KRW/month for foreign language educational expenses outside the company
  • Cyber educational courses (approx. 300 courses)
  • Training for local employment
  • Leadership training for local and foreign investment companies
Customized learning

LS Cable & System identifies capabilities required for accomplishing business strategies and creating outcomes, and then analyzes the current status. We support guidance and curriculums for systematic capability development.

  • Capability-focused curriculums : Core values, leadership, jobs, globalization, etc.
    • - Courses selected according to evaluation results
    • - Annual self-improvement plan established and supported
  • Provide learning roadmap according to actual job duties
Intense training for
new employees

The OPEN program is LS Cable & System new employee development program. It stands for the four values that are required of new employees. It also implies that new employees will realize their dreams together with the company.

  • Ownership
  • Pioneer
  • Energize
  • Networking
  • One year of intense training for new employees
    • - Introduction program, OJT, problem-solving process, vision setting
  • Mentoring system
  • New employees obtain the following program for one year on joining the company.