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Talent Management

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personnel management system

Staff position system

Staff position system
Type Position
General management Assistant Assistant manager Manager Senior manager Head of department
Years until promotion 4 4 5 5 -
Staff position system
General management Years until promotion
Position Assistant 4
Assistant manager 4
Manager 5
Senior manager 5
Head of department -
  • ※ For university graduate applicants.
  • ※ Fast tracking promotion system.

Evaluation/ Reward system

Key success factors > Key performance indexes(01.Goal/02.Execution/03.Evaluation) => REWARD Key success factors > Key performance indexes(01.Goal/02.Execution/03.Evaluation) => REWARD
Evaluation system (MBO method)

Goals are set individually, which are consistently monitored / evaluated according to progress.
Clear evaluation standards enhance fairness, and provide rational standards for rewards.

  • STEP 1. Goal setting
  • STEP 2. Performance goal/
    Capability goal
  • STEP 3. Interim monitoring
  • STEP 4. Annual evaluation
  • STEP 5. Performance evaluation/
    Capability evaluation
  • STEP 6. Overall evaluation/
  • STEP 7. Feedback on overall results
  • STEP 8. Feedback
Reward system

Annual salary is fixed based on personal annual performance results. At the end of the year, performance-based incentives are rewarded according to company, organization and personal performances.

Employee Benefits

※ Employee benefits rules might be changed by the conditions.
Support of housing funds
  • Support of housing mortgage and loans
  • Dormitory available in regional business sites
Support of transportation expenses
  • Payment of actual expenses for travel expenses, and salesmen transportation expenses
  • Commuting and shuttle bus available
Student aid
  • Full support for the middle and high school, university educational expenses of employees’ children
Cash gifts
  • Cash gifts and leave for condolences
Vacation and leave system
  • Summer vacation (5 days)
  • Refresh leave etc
  • International leave etc
Medical support
  • Employee’s medical expenses
  • Comprehensive medical testing (Including biennial testing for spouse)
  • Company health plan benefits
    (Annual check up for hepatitis and adult diseases)
  • Corporate welfare fund (for dependents)
  • Support for foreign language academy expenses
  • Collective term insurance
  • Support for internal club activities
  • Year-round access to LG Training Center (Uljin)
  • Accommodation expenses for hotel or condominium 3 times a year