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About Us

LS C&S Way


Enable the Cabled World

LS Cable & System is connecting the whole world with power and communications technology, making it abundant and convenient. We see it as our mission to create a world connected by cables to develop a brighter future and enhance mankind’s quality of life.


Vision 2030

The World Best Cable Solution Leader

As a global company, LS C & S promises to provide higher added value to customers through power and communication solutions. In order to achieve this, we will pursue balanced growth across all business fields around the globe. Furthermore, we will continually innovate our business model to provide engineering, consulting and other services, as well as fostering of new businesses. We will introduce customized services for our customers based on digital platforms and big data, and conduct field-based management based on autonomy and responsibility. In addition, we will faithfully perform our roles as a corporate citizen through fair business administration and continuous social contribution.

Core Values

C.O.R.E, the core values of LS C & S, implies that we are the core source for cables and the core of the world, and all LS C & S must keep the core values of C.O.R.E. in mind.