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About Us

Sustainability Management

Vision & strategy

With the declaration of 'LS C&S Way', we reset the corporate sustainability goal and also renamed our sustainability report 'Enable the Cabled World'. We would expand our role further to make a more convenient and prosperous world with a respect to stakeholders, with social responsibility, with cooperation respecting and considering others, and with a faith in technology.


선으로 하나되는 세상 Enable the Cabled World

Core Value

  • Customer First Customer satisfaction through differentiation!
  • One LS C&S Maximized synergy through communication!
  • Rule & Responsibility Role as a fair corporate citizen!
  • Expertise Endless innovation through immersion!

Corporate Philosophy

Greater value together! LS partnership

Sustainability Goal

  • To strengthen Customer Values
  • To establish a culture of shared growth
  • To support future talents and local communities
  • To nurture creative and strong global talents
  • To make a safe And healthy workplace
  • To implement green management at a global level
  • To establish a culture of compliance
  • To establish a culture of ethical management at a global level

Sustainability Management Implementation

We aim to raise stakeholder value, not just to provide energy and information through cables. To that end, we have established mid-to-long term strategies and implementation roadmap for sustainable management in 2010.
The sustainability management secretariat and 7 working committees are two organizations to implement strategies and carry out tasks. We optimize practice and improve performance on a PDS(Plan-Do-See) cycle system basis.



To build a global sustainability management system that aligned with the management process

Road Map

Phase Ⅰ

Framework Build-up

  • Establish enterprise-wide sustainability management organization
  • Implement a response system to ISO26000 standard

Phase Ⅱ

Internalization & Expansion

  • Enhance a Plan-Do-See system
  • Expand to domestic and overseas subsidiaries

Phase Ⅲ

Integration & Differentiation

  • Integrate sustainability management strategy & business strategy
  • Implement strategy at a global level

Decision Making

Execution Business Conference Suggesting visions and making decisions on significant issues


Sustainability Management Coordination Secretariat Setting up plans, reviewing and reporting on the accomplishments


  • Customers
  • Social Contribution
  • Risk Control
  • Suppliers
  • Ethics Management
  • Green Management
  • Employees

Progress Monitoring
& Communications

  • Performance Management
  • Information Disclosure
  • stakeholder Participation