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R&D Areas

Platform technology aims at developing and enriching core technologies for cable materials while also enhancing product quality and reliability. We are conducting R&D on core technologies in the cable industry, such as compounding, prescription and processing technologies, selection and development of alloyed materials, and cable processing technologies and reliability. Furthermore, we have established a fundamental cable technology innovation platform (conductor design, extreme fire resistance, and masking technology), and have become a certificate authority for eco-friendly parts and products (KOLAS, UL, TÜV).

Platform Technology
Issue Definition Research Area Core Tech

We have developed core analytic technologies for cable systems which enable us to provide thorough analysis and consulting services that result in total system solutions.

Development of element analysis technologies, including organic, inorganic, surface, and thermal analysis

  • · Analysis of resin composites and organic/inorganic additives
  • · Analysis of conductors, alloys, and metal crystal structures
  • · Analysis of material/product micro-shapes
  • · Analysis for 6 main hazardous substances (related to RoHS criteria)
  • · Total solutions for problem solving such as defect analysis
  • · Quantitative/Qualitative analysis for cable materials
  • · Analytic technology to comply with eco-friendly regulations:
    Certificate authority for UL, TÜV, KOLAS

We conduct various research on processing technologies, including the selection of metallic and non-metallic materials, and development of alloys for cable conductors, screened cables and armored cables. We also conduct credibility research on discoloration, corrosion, conjugation, and destruction.

Total solutions for metallic materials

  • · Development of alloys for cable conductors
  • · Processing of metals
  • · Material analysis/assessment
  • · Metal processing technologies : Casting, extrusion, wire drawing, heat treatment, etc.
  • · Credibility enhancement techniques

We have developed compound, prescription and processing technologies specific for each product type, region and customer, thus reducing product development cost.

Platform technology for high-performance polymers

  • · Compounds for high-performance cables : Eco-friendly, high flame resistance, high heat resistance, high cold resistance, high oil resistance, high abrasion resistance
  • · New generation compound : Recyclable, nano-materials
  • · New materials/products related to cables
  • · Eco-friendly compounds for cables
  • · Processing technology : High speed extrusion, high foaming, cross linking
  • · New nano-based materials : High insulation

We conduct intense research on cable design technology to meet the various needs of customers and gain a competitive advantage. We are now focused on re-establishing core technological platforms, and high-performance development through research on core technologies.

Corporate-wide design technology research on cables

  • · Platform for core technology on cables
    - Optimal design for conductors, insulation, braided sheaths
    - Design technology for miniaturization
  • · Discovery and incubation of new technology utilizing cables
    - Carbon convergence technology for cable materials
    - Commercialization of new technology utilizing cables
  • · Cable and power product fields :
    Industrial specialty cables, distribution cables, power cables, optical communication cables, industrial machinery cables, etc.

Analysis Certification

- Certificate of compliance and analysis for RoHS (4 heavy metals: Cd, Pb, Hg, Cr6+, BR-based flame retardants: PBBs and PBDEs) and halogen elements (CI, Br) can be issued.

  • KOLAS, 2006

    Obtained certification in 2006

  • UL, 2005

    Obtained certification in 2005

  • TÜV, 2008

    Obtained certification in 2008